Single Mag - System

The „Single Mag UAV System“ is based on a Hexacopter platform equipped with a high definition fluxgate magnetometer. It is ideal for geomagnetic measurements of many fields of applications, such as geophysical exploration, archeology, and geophysical near surface problems. This technology allows for cost effective wide area scanning. This system can be used at low altitude and hostile environments that would not allow manned helicopter surveys. It‘s ideal for collecting very dense data over small grids. 	high sensitive fluxgate magnetometer 	robust & reliable hexacopter platform 	excellent flight-path accuracy  	terrain-following capability 	low operational cost 	high daily prodution rate up to 250 hectares / day for exploration (50 line-km / day)

Technical Data -Flight Platform

Configuration Hexacopter (6 engines) Endurance 20 Min. with Single Mag Payload Max. velocity 15 m/s Max. TOW 4.500 g Autopilot Waypoint Navigation, Terrain Following Go Home, Failsafe Features Temperature Range -5°C to +50°C Humidity 0% - 90%, not condensing Wind < 8 m/s (17.9 mph / 28.8 km/h) Mission Planning via Notebook or Tablet

Fluxgate Magnetometer

Data Acquisition System

Sensor weight 105 g Noise < 20pT/ѴHz (typical < 15pT/ѴHz) Long-term stability < 10 nT per year Orientation X, Y, Z Range ±65 μT Orthogonality <0.02° temperature range -20 to +75 °C
Field range ± 65 μT ADC 24 bit Resolution 10 pT sample rate 1, 10, 50, 100 Hz data storage SD Card Data format ASCII, binary Weight ~530 g Time and Position GPS-receiver