Mining | UXO Detection | Buried Objects Geomagnetics is a standard geophysical method. Magnetic surveys are used to investigate geological structures and to detect small objects.


Large-Scale Tectonics | Pipeline Detection The MGT Radio EM method is a powerful tool that enables rapid detection of lateral changes of the electrical conductivity in the ground. The method is similar to the well known VLF technique.


Exploration | Hydrogeology| Geology Airborne Electromagnetic methods (AEM) are an efficient way in geological surveying and have been widely used in mineral exploration, and environmental monitoring.


3D Surface Models | Ortho-Images Airborne photogrammetry is an efficient way to generate 3D point clouds, 3D surface models, and georeferenced ortho images. Using drones allows large area terrain modelling in short time.
We offer different UAS based services and deliver optimal performance (productivity and costs) for your project. Our measuring instruments are optimized for use on drones. Our logistics is very cost effective and optimized for international projects. The survey parameters are determined according to the customer's requirements. Data processing and geophysical interpretation are carried out using generally accepted standards. Our operators are certified. We have experience with international regulations and legal requirements to approve flight permits for our systems.
With our fleet of different types of UAS, MGT offers customized airborne geophysical services in following areas:
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For more information, please download our flyer (PDF): GEOMAGNETICS and ELECTROMAGNETICS